Meditainment: Meditation That Takes You Places

Everyday Something is Revealed

Are you carefully watching and waiting for the promise or have you abandoned your field?

Words are Important

Take care in what you hear and guard more carefully what you speak.

A Mother's Love

Mothers are often esteemed, how often though do we actually stop to appreciate them?.

Reciting Prayer and Remembrance title

God's provision is there. It's only a question of if you'll stop to consider it.

30 Days of Affirmation

Are you running low on your fuel of faith? Here's an opportunity to fill up.

23 April 2012

09 April 2012

Seth's Blog: Is everyone entitled to their opinion?

Seth's Blog: Is everyone entitled to their opinion?

Perhaps, but that doesn't mean we need to pay the slightest bit of attention.
There are two things that disqualify someone from being listened to:

08 April 2012

Twiiterverse is calling... perhaps I should Answer

While I debate whether I should actually take the twitter plunge...
Here is a piece I'm working on this Easter.

Heaven’s Gift

 Heaven smiles on me
Walking beneath the sun
Attached to a land of great plenty
I receive his gift
I worship him for it
As my lasting provision

Again he smiles at me
Lying in a field
Staring at the moon
At one with enemies natural to me
I adore his gift thankfully
I praise him for it
HaShem is splendor indeed

Heaven smiles for me
As I lift my head smiling back
Night and day having come and gone
I remain to testify of him

07 April 2012

How Much does Freedom Cost Me?

How Much does Freedom Cost Me? We the incorporated entities of theUnited States…We the people of the United States, The united regions – the united districts, divided on a map, drawn quartered bordered. Quarantined by an ingrained belief "not in my neighborhood" the people we choose, the people we see, the elected supremacy actually sees the same big picture as we. You envision a place where everybody pulls their own weight, where those who really can't are aided to contribute by at least standing at the door and brightening everybody's day "hi welcome to Wal-Mart where wages might be low but I ain't dead yet.

04 April 2012

Little Things Big, Big Things Little: I like Me - I like Me Not - I like Me - I like Me ...

Little Things Big, Big Things Little: I like Me - I like Me Not - I like Me - I like Me ...: A couple of years ago I began taking a series of self portraits called The Flicker Book Series.  The Flicker Book Series had one main goal a...