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01 January 2015

A New Day - New Year with New Seeds to Sow

An Inspirational Message for 2015:

2014 is yesterday. A part of the past that can never be reclaimed take a moment now to end it, send it to new growth. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust – every disharmony shame, Oedipus of defeat is buried and food fertilizer for a new growth. Fuel, energize, the seeds of faith you sow this year. In this hour leave you cause for worry. In fact as so many are in right now and in the hours to come – celebrate! Praise the Lord a new day is dawning! In fact, a new day is here. It has arrived, a new time…

A new year, with opportunities, to sow and reap bountifully – continually, the fruit of your labor touched with God’s grace. Share this with others or spend a moment being quiet with God, enjoy the blessing of I am still here. There is still hope and thanks be to God who daily loads us with benefits – all is well!

Even in an hour where things may seem unexpectedly disturbing, there may be relevant cause for concern. Yet right now breathing and seeding life I am here. You are here! Tomorrow come what may, today a new year with all God’s opportunity has come and I will rejoice and be glad. Rejoice with me in this moment!

2014 saw projects begin, a new initiative launch. Today, even breathing the breath of life over those ideas, is an opportunity to receive and speak a fresh perspective. The Lion is well. God is still in control. Celebrate in the power of remembrance.
 “It doesn't matter what went wrong. What matters is, do you have the will to make it right today?