Meditainment: Meditation That Takes You Places

Everyday Something is Revealed

Are you carefully watching and waiting for the promise or have you abandoned your field?

Words are Important

Take care in what you hear and guard more carefully what you speak.

A Mother's Love

Mothers are often esteemed, how often though do we actually stop to appreciate them?.

Reciting Prayer and Remembrance title

God's provision is there. It's only a question of if you'll stop to consider it.

30 Days of Affirmation

Are you running low on your fuel of faith? Here's an opportunity to fill up.

24 February 2013

The Search for Peace

It is said His peace surpasses all understanding. His wisdom surpasses all knowledge, and His might is superior to the greatest of minds. How big must he be to fulfill these things and yet still be mindful of me. Isaiah 26:3 Isaiah 55:6-9

19 February 2013

Postage Due

Let me say first
Life has a way of issuing a reminder
Making man conform to the box he creates for himself
If this were my picture the only vision to see would be the black

The one color I’ve grown familiar
Lacking the presence to see the reds green and purples
Knowing the taste of vines I’d say they’re sweet
But for me there is only the box.

Perhaps I’d feel different inside the bottle
Less black
Less dark
Slightly exposed
But where I’ve been in search of wisdom is this box.

Carried around
Compressed – scanned – tested
Intake; receiving
Sent back for failing to address the pain I held inside

I had lied
I was a liar to men - to myself
And then the day arrived
I finally found

16 February 2013

The Fear of Not Knowing

My God if I’m not alone
How is it I
Feel so one
Feel like everything I knew is gone
How do I if I could get it back?
How could I
If I’m not alone

No one to walk with me
Guide me
I know the road
But I chose
I go another way

Leading me far from you
Farther from sure
How go I
If I’m not alone
How do I feel so far away?

Heading for a destination
I refuse to yield
I now am on my way home

Where I was meant to be.

13 February 2013

Finding Faith... and Delivering on a promise

It seems every time the garden begins to spring, someone comes along with a  rototiller to destroy the new vines. But this Word is Faithful.

God is.
I Live.
a Bountiful harvest is on the way
are you prepared to Drink