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Are you carefully watching and waiting for the promise or have you abandoned your field?

Words are Important

Take care in what you hear and guard more carefully what you speak.

A Mother's Love

Mothers are often esteemed, how often though do we actually stop to appreciate them?.

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God's provision is there. It's only a question of if you'll stop to consider it.

30 Days of Affirmation

Are you running low on your fuel of faith? Here's an opportunity to fill up.

29 July 2013

A Prayer of Manifest Destiny

This is my cry to you,
My Father, My delivery. My Redemption.
The voice of my victory.
The angel of my influence - Mighty God who is who was and who shall be 
Glory majesty dominion and power ; creator of heaven and earth and all the hosts of heaven say amen.
The light of my joy and my strength, I come to you.

Before you I lay, I cry, I pray hear my heart’s song.
Above the words - hear my contemplation. My inner thoughts, my flesh, my soul cry to you My God.

I know what I’m supposed to do. I know what I’ve been taught to do. I know what I want to do. But right now I come to you…

Open my eyes I pray open my life to you as you reveal in your word  Your promise to keep me in perfect peace as my mind is stayed on you.

Father I deny my anxious thoughts leaning and looking to you my author my refiner
I refuse to any longer believe my trial, my test, is anything more than your hand conditioning me to be the jewel of your image.
God as you conform me to your word. To the image of your son; I cry out to you -
Let my light magnify you to the people and before these I influence. Lord according to your word let me be conformed to His image as you have destined and ordained. I trust you and the word of your promise that he who endures trial enduring temptation shall receive the promise of a crown of life. Father that your glory may shine through me. Lord I come to you awaiting you to lead me to the rock where I’m to be.

Believing by faith and trusting upon you, I come with thanksgiving in heart and hallelujah as my song I come in your son Jesus name. I call

Thoughts inspired by the T.D. Jakes song Manifest video available for view

23 July 2013

Today's Inspiring Thought

2nd Chronicles 20:15b

Do not be afraid and do not be dismayed at this great horde for the battle is not yours but God's.

I know there are times when everything around us screams doom and defeat. There are moments when odds look impossible. and fearing our end is almost sure  and eminent these are the moments we should pursue Him. These are moments, opportunities, God uses to show you and your opposition exactly who's fighting for you.

There then is no need to fear the impossible, rather expect and know God Delivers in the face of the improbable.

20 July 2013

Developing into a voice to be Heard

Writing doesn't necessarily take more than an ability to put together words coherently. However it takes some artistry, some technique is required to be heard.

You have to be willing and actually say something.
Something that others are willing and wanting to hear.
This is how to gain readers and people willing to share your message with others.
This is also the path to developing an audience, i.e. a platform to be heard.

19 July 2013

Saying the Right Things

It's important to say the right thing during a given conversation. Almost important as listening, because of the responsibility of being appropriate or responsible.

Some might argue it's easy to say the first thing which comes to mind. However knowing your audience, requires sensitivity, and will help keep you from ruining the reputation for reliability you're trying to establish. Its almost the art of taming the tongue. But it more closely relates to establishing an expertise.

Saying the right thing to the right audience establishes you and your brand to a "target rich" environment of potential purchasers and advocates of your brand. In other words it can build your network faster and better than you can. And establish a truth; this author has a way with words.

13 July 2013

Feeding From the Brook of His Word

There is a time when we’re challenged to find our way. In the middle of things we find too complicated to imagine they’re of any benefit, we will try to separate ourselves. Hiding away to prevent some cruel perception from becoming our reality. Forgetting if only for a moment the deliverances of the past, some might even find it cool to say - I will stop here for tomorrow I die.

Strange, yet many times and trials you’ve cried over.
But this is the one to break you; this is the one screaming, commanding a most urgent dispatch from heaven. The response being,
not – look how many times I carried you; but hey - I’ve still got your back.

It's here you hear the voice, the words which strengthen you to go on. Knowing that voice, the voice in you (today) and near you singing with you one song.

don't be afraid...
I've Got Your Back!

Study 1 Kings 19:1-18

07 July 2013

I Rose All Odds Against Me...

Today there is an unusually inspired interpretation of rap music. It may not seem especially spiritual (read that religious). Nevertheless I present to you a song that is as stirring with energy and inspiration as it is informative to issues we faceto today.

M.C. Hammer - Pump it Up (Here’s the news) available here: with its opening shot,
I rose all odds against me…

Have you ever felt there are things against you?

We’re told, in life to expect adversity; we’re instructed we will have troubles (John 16:33) but why worry He - Jesus, has withstood, overcome, conquered the tests of the world.
We're further told and given instruction through Paul in this word. “I can do all thing through Christ who Strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)
These two verses, and remembering this particular song, this morning serve as a reminder things may, they will, come against you but your response doesn’t have to be defeat. You don't have to answer adversity with doubt, guilt, or insecurity. You can answer it with your faith. Jesus withstood, and I can do ALL Things thru Christ who strengthens me.
In fact M.C. Hammer’s entire first album Let’s Get it Started available here @ amazon is a reminder that you/ we can choose to build. We can choose to continue on through the struggle of our adversity and overcome. Or we can choose to lay down our profession (what we’re called to) and quit living - depending on the faith in you. And your belief in this truth; 
God Is

In Control.

You can read more about this and other inspirational sources of music at

06 July 2013

A Period to Conclude...

Looking into the void and finding there is no answer within you that compares to your thoughts of Him. God is present in the tough times, but I- we have to learn to realize that.
The fact that there may not be a response to every whim or desire is not a declaration of His absence; but rather it’s an opportunity to see how much latitude He gives for us to figure out what we want and what we need and what He means for us to succeed.
What we’ll find most times is our visual of success is often short of what true achievement is; I.E. being with HIM.

02 July 2013

A Refreshing Drink

Psalm 84:2 -
My soul yearns, even faints, for the courts of the LORD; my heart and my flesh cry out for the living God.

Even in the moments of temptation and doubt, when the flesh just urges and yearns to be satisfied (sometimes by worldly things)
The word of the LORD is true.
There is no thirst like a thirst for the Living God. and there is no satisfaction like the joy of His giving you a full drink.

His reminder "I AM - with you always"