Meditainment: Meditation That Takes You Places

Everyday Something is Revealed

Are you carefully watching and waiting for the promise or have you abandoned your field?

Words are Important

Take care in what you hear and guard more carefully what you speak.

A Mother's Love

Mothers are often esteemed, how often though do we actually stop to appreciate them?.

Reciting Prayer and Remembrance title

God's provision is there. It's only a question of if you'll stop to consider it.

30 Days of Affirmation

Are you running low on your fuel of faith? Here's an opportunity to fill up.

18 March 2013

The Little Treasure of Prayers by Anonymous - Free eBook

The Little Treasure of Prayers by Anonymous - Free eBook

Here is a little Jewel of prayers to meditate upon for the weeks ahead

14 March 2013

The Seeds of Daily Affirmation

I know God’s Love having tasted and seen it is good –I pour forth His love
freely to the world. (John 6:45) (Jhn.15:5) (Jhn.15:13)

God is my refuge; my ever present helper – before and behind I rest securely in him. (Nu.21:8,9) (Ps.91) (Ps121:7,8) (Isa.52:12) (Mi.2:13)

the entirety  Blessed/Daily-Affirmations

11 March 2013

Life in the End of an Age

As the world turns
The days become…
What exactly- is hard to define?
To some a blessing
To others a curse
A constant blur
Is it all coming to an end?
You decide

07 March 2013

A Renewed Focus to Build On.

As you can see in the new heading The Lions Well-  is about building a better me and you.
All I can offer is a drink and words of encouragement. Thought provoking words to build a Thoughtful and Reverent YOU (Character) with this knowledge. 
We are His workmanship. We are His Tools. Broken, Damaged, Frayed, Frizzled; We are the Lion’s of Absolute Truth. And I have yet to see a lion turn tail and Run. This renewed focus is the birth of a legacy. The legacy that is CN Life.