Life's Too Short

The lady down the street pushes her cart
To whereabouts unknown
For how long unknown
Would u like an apple she asks?
I respond a busy no
She goes her way
I go mine

Every day this life goes on
Where does she get these apples?
Why can’t she take a hint?
Is there some sign on me saying Mr. Want-to-be-bothered?
Lady I don’t have time
I ease own

She maintains her smile though
Walking away unfazed
Not bruised
I look back thinking
Maybe I should take another street
Persistence isn’t gaining a new friend here
Not now not ever
Why won’t some people learn?
I chuckle
Continuing on with my day
The evening coming and leaving
Sooner than I could believe
And here we go again

Only this time she doesn’t ask
She say’s take this with you
I’m thinking
What have we missed these day’s
Lady I don’t want an apple
Yet there was no apple in her hand

I’m thinking
I’m curious
So I ask
Where’s the apple
There’s nothing in your hand
In her response she says
That’s the only thing anyone can ever give an unfriendly man


Jim said…
Nice poem, life is short, but you gotta live to the fullest.

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