Faith In A Settling Foundation

Some Things Only Become Evident When Tested
As we age, more and more we refine and define the image of ourselves. Specifically where we want to be and what we consider an appropriate view of certainty of life. It’s as simple as the old refrain “death and taxes.”

Over time we expect certain things; we search for particular characteristics. We examine more carefully everything before we offer it the label of success. Upon finding it we, at that point, define rest. Taking a moment to look back and find satisfaction in or with whatever we’re building. Or what’s been built to that point. Generally what we see we accept or propose ways to alter it and then after some time go about busyness. Most without a perception of the actual work that’s been done. The reality is few, during the course, actually perceive the truth of their labor. Again they are content, most, with what they see as progress in the development. Viewing the work through rose lenses everything seems good so it is deemed good until it gets tested.

The moment storms come every hidden flaw is exposed and the actuality is made apparent. Cracks in the shell, problems with the foundation. Shoddy work and or materials, poor workmanship – it all seems very devastating. Made the more worse because your insurance refuses to cover you. Now you’re facing total ruin as you try to handle the consequences you hoped to avoid in the first place. But fear not (Is. 41:10). There I a ray of hope, this was all seen before. Many have faced similar things both small and large. The community may be devastated but the Spirit remains. The Spirit is willing to continue and rebuild the moment the dust settles; the moment the foundation (earth) rests.
We can take inspiration in this. In whatever life you’re building. There may always be setbacks to triumph and some time delays. But faith comes in understanding, until the foundation is settled - is set, the entire building will be unfit and unstable and subject to the elements of wind and rain. Not likely to stand the test of the storm. Yet when the workmanship - the labor, is approved; there is nothing standing in your way. Best expressed in  (Psalm 12:6) The words of the Lord are Pure words. Like silver tried in a furnace of earth… (Proverbs 30:5)

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