A Personal Letter to the Churches

My fellow ministers,

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I know time is precious. An invaluable resource not to be lightly given to everything that seeks our attention. Yet in this very vanity I ask for your voice. Your wise words, your prayers or thoughts concerning this collection I have been honored to assemble.

The "Bread for Adversity" is a seed collection, 30 days exploring the building and pruning power of faith. Looking at everyday circumstances with a view of opportunity to push forward when everything screams go back or better said, quit here.

I am not asking for your endorsement or advertisement, though these would be well to share the word with others. I ask, as voices more seasoned of faith than my own, for a small amount of your time; a measure of faith if you will. If you would help me make this and future publications everything God intends they should be. In the ability I should be able to produce for Him.

I offer this collection to you in several electronic formats, and further at no cost or obligation to you.

I thank you for this brief indulgence.

In Christ,

Be blessed, be strengthened and encouraged.


R.L. Toney

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