A Not That Private Exhortation

It seems fashionable to say we live in uncertain times or an uncertain landscape. Having faced some degrees of uncertainty and enduring great difficulty I am reminded with purpose and command. Nothing is Uncertain in the process.

You may not know. The road may be difficult. It may take a strenuous effort. Yet the truth is. The process is the same the only variable is YOU, the individual. Where is your faith?

How or what is it you believe? I’m reminded of an instance. After a miracle is performed and a great multitude is fed, the disciples are instructed to head to the other side of the sea. During the trip a storm arises, and supernatural or not – the master is asleep, they panic. We panic. We get angry. We get despondent. We faint. And I would say luckily Jesus was with them (in the flesh). Yet it’s not luck and there are two blessings in remembering it. He was with them and they went to Him.

He is with you. He, Jesus, the word made Flesh.
The Word in the Flesh, The Word in print (a book). The Word , The Holy Spirit to comfort and guide you into all truth. God is with you! If all else fails go to Him.

Then He also said Go. He empowered you, your journey. He established you as ready to walk in the faith - to accomplish being sent and arriving. He said it and being awakened reiterated it. The obstacle you see, the situation around you, is no deterrent. You have His word. You have Him! (He watches his word to perform it. Jeremiah 1:12) Just as He did, you can speak to the mountain, to the storm. Peace! Be still! Get out the way!

In other words focus your mind on Him. He says. He does.
It doesn’t matter if things look contrary. It doesn’t matter if He looks to be sleeping. He knows what he equipped you to handle. He knows your faith. You have to exercise it.

This is personal having seen some troubling times. And enduring the work of building, troubling times may be ahead. Yet His promises are certain. His word is unbreakable. The end is set. It’s certified certain guaranteed.

This reminded me of Joseph and His dream. (Genesis 37:5) Abram’s prophecy (Genesis 15:13, Exodus 15:13)… Then I look into my own state of being. The Lion is Well!
I’m here. You’re here. There is a promise to accomplish. There is victory determined. We will march on. And know,
God’s word never fails to deliver!

Be Strengthened Family! I will not be afraid.

#Bread4Adversity #Fuel4Faith

Special Thanks to Dr. Leroy Thompson


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