Patterns of Speech

I will guard my ways lest I sin with my tongue. I will gird my mouth with a muzzle, while the wicked are in my presence. (Psalm 39:1)

A popular saying rehearsed is, “speak freely!” Today’s thought, Watch your words! 
Be careful what you say, even to whom you speak.

The wisdom of this…

Sirach 37:16 – A word is the source of every deed, a thought every action.

We can say things. Sometimes beautiful and pleasant, loving to one another. Then other times we speak so harshly and hurting, condemning. It’s easier some think, it seems, to lie rather than speak the truth.  But if you're willing, you can. Find a way! With David’s words as is the wisdom

Guard your ways, your habits your thoughts, the things that consume your time; in order that you might be careful what you say and who's around to hear you speaking.

The thought is not simply, think before you speak. It’s, what you speak breathes life. What life are you offering today?


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