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Some days there is needed a certain reminder of the power and influence we as God's children have and offer to the world. Whether used positively or negatively those things you say today have the power to shape today and tomorrow - yours or somebody else's.

There's an excerpt here. You can continue on and read the complete powerful message: simply follow the link. 'Power-packed Words' - Ministry Magazine

Excerpt 1977
WORDS are the building blocks of communication. A structure of thought, blueprinted in beauty or ugliness, utilitarian or ornamented, transfers itself from one mind to another through the use of words.

Words link the world together, bind heart to heart, move mountains of doubt, march a people to war, fire the suicide's despair, capture slaves for ideology, pull the strings of imagination, create a nuclear physicist, fill the pocketbooks of Madison Avenue.

Informing, enticing, inspiring, bewitching, praising, condemning, words without end flow around us, toward us, into us, above us from the beginning to the end of our days.

Words created light out of darkness, formed the world from the shapelessness of the primordial state, justified the molding of Adam, seduced Eve to sin. Jesus Christ bears the name Word suggesting that even salvation itself comes as a structure of divine thought directed audibly and visibly toward humanity.

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