Wake Your Faith Up! - A Powerful New Call to Action

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In 14 days turn the promises of God into a foundation to push the height of your ministry.
This quick read offers 14 simple meditations – devotional thoughts to help you realize the power available in acting on a simple decision. "I believe - I will put it to work."
Put your trust in action!

Allow your faith to share God’s message without a word from any pulpit. Speak to your core and reveal your resolve to encourage others. Wake Your Faith Up Today!
This powerful new message is the nourishment you need to push further, go harder than you ever imagined you would or could all in the strength of God’s Word.
Psalm 107:20 - He sent His Word (Christ Jesus) and healed them.

Speak the promises of scripture and sow them into your every moment to reveal what is there ready to blossom in you.  Abundant Life; fulfilled hope; the living oath of eternity... Start today with these 14 brief thoughts. Grab your copy and share this message with others.

By Minister R.L. Toney, writer, producer and publisher of The Lion’s Well


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