Wholesale Life Change in Gradual Steps

Based on Exodus 23:20-33 -

First I've got to admit I've had some angry words with God. I'm man enough to admit it and true enough to share a reality. There's been some degree of arguing as things I know are promised and are right before me yet access seems so difficult.
Being strong willed, as I am and can be, I decided some things. Made a commitment to…
This mornings (today’s) devotion happened in a moment when I just decided everything needs to be quiet. I know the way to go. I know what’s been promised. Plain and simple, I know!

It’s easy to see - to envision the Promised Land. It’s easy to consider what it takes (in your mind) to get there. The problem is. Do you know how much it will take to transform it into the Garden of God? Do you know what it will take to occupy that place and keep it all together so the serpents and weeds don’t hinder its or your growth? The mental side, that's simple, do you know (in your heart do you choose) the courage and conviction it takes to move on faith? As I read I came to verse 29 and 30,
(NLT)“I will not drive them out from before you in one year, lest the land become desolate and the wild beasts multiply against you. v30; Little by little I will drive them out from before you until you have increased to possess the land.” 
It's something to know. The dream, the promise is yours. But that doesn’t mean you’re all the way ready for it.
Philippians teaches (4:3) - be anxious for nothing… It may have been a few years or it could have been a few days ago that you saw what was possible in the Word – in God.
I know my vision. I know what is set before me to accomplish (not just in my strength) in HIS strength. I know the Promised Land is there. I KNOW HE’s leading me there and through this thing.
I understand and i stand on that.
But something I never considered… Radical Life change, wholesale changes to issues and attitudes… The miraculous can happen overnight. All that is though – is a change of mind. Getting there and taking ownership and gaining control takes time. It takes education and faith; it takes resilience and confidence. It’s a gradual step. Little steps on a journey to see all that God has given you in the land. And I don’t mean some desert or foreign place. Right there where you stand or sit or read this message, God is with you.
His Spirit is ready to help you transform, transfer ownership of the land from those who hands it doesn’t belong.
Today, I was gifted and I offer you a reminder.

It’s easy to hold the deed. The key is learning to handle things so you don’t get overwhelmed by the work. God's promise to you is yours, choose today to allow Him to show you how it needs to be handled.


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