Can I Borrow Your Faith?

Before we go further be reminded. 

Faith both big and small is not too much or too little to accomplish great things.

Christ said faith the size of a mustard seed would move mountains. Mountains! 
You know, stone and clay been in existence for years.

How then is there so much interference (confusion and static) surrounding the work of faith?I realize things must be overcome, we are in a battle after all. And behind enemy lines for a time.
Nevertheless, friends, I need your help. I need your faith!

Believing faith for us to accomplish the big and small of believing. I say us because, I want to lend my faith to works and change in this world as well. I realize God has a plan

I realize we can’t and don’t all agree on everything - anything for the most part especially concerning God.

But that shouldn’t stop faith.
  • That shouldn’t stop where two or three are gathered in MY NAME - I am there in the midst.
  • That Shouldn’t Stop - a triple braided cord is not easily broken.
  • That Should Not stop if one can chase a thousand two - ten thousand.
The Bible teaches us where just two agree…
Two bodies find agreement on anything on earth it shall be done by - MY FATHER in Heaven

It's easy to say it. Easy to read it. 
I speak it because I believe it. I believe it and trust it because the word said it first.

THE WORD of GOD (said) says it.
The Literal Word from God made flesh and walking (walked) among them (us) said it.

Just two!
So, Can I borrow some faith?

Can I borrow your faith?

To break this mountain…
To improve the human condition…
To agree with me on three bedrooms - two baths with a laundry and a Chevy Silverado 2500 double cab (red or white) 4x4. ( I believe in being specific)

And renewed strength, to get back to working out, to improve my health.

And not just that, Come Lord Jesus
But until you come we need some positivity connected in this world.

We need a view through all the negative loudspeak to reinforce you are God. You (God) are in control, period
I don’t mean signs and wonders. It ain’t or might not be time for that yet.
But it is time for the CHURCH to speak up
The Real Church or churches...
It’s time for the congregation of true believers to be heard instead of being timid in the closet

So let’s put faith to work.

Lend me your faith and I lend you mine and let’s get something done.
Let us all take comfort in a growing kingdom.

  • Matthew 18:19
  • Matthew 18:20
  • Ecclesiastes 4:12
  • Deuteronomy 32:30
  • John 1:14


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