Slightly Shaken Not Stirred

A Refreshing Hint of Water Brings Life Unstirred 

As we close the door on another year we open the door of a new hope and renewed promise. A promise that though shaken, in confidence, we’re not deterred. We still believe and stand on the hope of things to come. It remains ever with us. I say with us – God is with us and building on the promise(s) of the future. Distant and present hope…God is the strength that keeps us maintained.

I digress though. 

The Lion’s Well, where I’ve said it in the past, the lion is well and full and tended to – is changing for the better. And growing with a purpose. With an opportunity to expand our resources and offerings to complete and offer a better drink, a more healthy tonic. We’re sharing the flavors we receive with you and hoping you bring your own spice to the meal God is preparing for the world. Please know he didn’t just break bread for the believers.

The Lion’s Well is joining our other web partners to complete a vision of a healthy life in Christ

We are sharing our word and resources – our influence and with the fruit of faith backed by a history of believers and people who have made great strides in this world. Both of faith and longevity read that (healthy life). Despite the tests, despite the circumstances. We believe and share with you, all shall see the glory of God who causes the glory of man in His image. We thank you for hanging in there with us while we discovered our voice. And now we are on to the big things of the kingdom. Big, meaning, seeds of transformation for God to water and make grow.

We can say of a certainty there’s a harvest here and even more to come. The garden is expanding – now is the time for the people (this means us) to get to work tending.

With the coming year, we plan to offer more opportunities to drink. More ways to heal and be healed. More places to grow and be grown, as mature Christians in Christ. 

We hope you stay tuned and keep following but most all share your faith with us for the success of us growing together in faith in Christ.

Be Blessed!


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