God's Word Will Deliver You

 In this perilous time and uncertain path to journey, there’s a message to be shared. Written and communicated, I offer you – Gods Word will deliver you.

God’s word (spoken by you) mixed with your faith - will author your deliverance. You have a part to play in this thing. Many of you have heard it preached and taught over the years till it almost became dull. But here it is again. You have a role to play. 

Christians – it’s not just a name brand. 

You are a part of a living body. A living body with all the authority of heaven and earth at its disposal – its beckoning call. 

You have what God gave – His word; 

  • His Word (Christ) 
  • His Word (His Spirit – pnuema breath); 
  • His Spirit (the Holy Spirit Helper) 

His written promise - the bible! 

You have the gifts God gave – the talents. You have what you need. I have what I need to make it through the tough times.

God’s word is the greatest gift because Gods Word will deliver you!

God’s word will deliver you if you will deliver God’s word.

If you will take in God’s word. That means in every way - 

Be it preached, being taught; Reading for yourself. Discussing it among yourself amongst your friends. It occurs to me at the hour I’m writing this, many don’t take advantage of the gifts of God because they don’t really know them. Read that, understand them.

God spoke them and a nation was born to communicate them to the world – they missed the mark. 

God reiterated them in the life of Jesus; even simplifying them and telling them to spread the news – they didn’t so much miss the mark as something s got lost in translation. But God always leaving himself witness – keeps giving and giving his word; His promise to us. But we’ve got to pick it up. We’ve got to put it to use. And trust him to bring it to pass.

He watches his word to perform it

Speak it!

Put it out there and keep putting it out there.

This a personal message for me but also to my brothers and sisters in this body. This living body with his spirit to guide us; this collective body called Christ – hands and feet; arteries and veins. His living entity on this earth at this time.

God’s word has to be put forward by you to see you through.

God’s word will deliver you – if you will deliver God’s word.

Be blessed and strengthen and encouraged – in Jesus name 

I say Amen!


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