The Ever Deepening Bond of Faith

Take this as a forging thought in the development of a better love of God and man (my fellow man/ people). Although people are difficult to - complicated. God's best or reaching God's best can be just as complicated although it's really a simplistic thing.

Faith is Trust.

I’ve searched for a meaning to faith, an explanation and how to quicken things. How to get it and push it toward experiencing it – happening quicker Now-er (my new word). Now faith as the bible reads... Only to discover there is no quick way!

There is no easy subtle trick...

There is no easy way or easy win in the battle of and for faith because faith is trust. It is about trust, reliability, honor, believability all precede experience even above the natural order of knowledge.

We can know God exists. We can believe God exists. We can accept and believe God wants to do things for us, He honors His word but do we trust Him? Trust – Him!

Trust infers a relationship and cooperation which involves working together - being together. Experiencing one another or rather being around each other beyond knowing likes and dislikes. It’s knowing each other’s thoughts and dreams and hopes, where words need not even be expressed.

In other words faith is not built overnight.

Faith though an actual substance of spiritual [invisible] things (Hebrews 11:1) is also a characteristic of the people who  are involved in its being (Hebrews 11:6). You can believe God for stuff. Believe in him. Believe he can and will do it. But do you trust him enough to wait on it - even if it never comes how you think it’s coming?

Do you trust He has the best intentions for you even though you only receive pieces of the dream – the thing? I’m man enough to admit I struggle with the relative part. Because knowledge and hope are inspirational and uplifting but waiting and talking – becoming one mind and spirit; getting to know, know God. It doesn’t happen overnight. It's not a two week process a sudden discourse and poof you got it.

I'm learning to understand something about Job and Abraham and Paul and others in the bible now. It’s the relationship part that precedes or is more important to God. The things are immaterial made material because he knows our love language so to speak. We need, like, expect the material. God’s love language so to speak is the spiritual. He desires worship and thought. He desires us to fulfill the design we were made for – to be His image reflected back to Him.

We are connected. We have to though establish the connection (understand the connection). In a way build that is to say plug in to Him who is firmly committed to accepting the plug from you.
Faith is trust!


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