The Great Commandment: Love Your Neighbor

First broached in the Ten Commandments (Lev 19:18) and expounded further by the author himself (Matthew 22:36-40). Love your neighbor is a huge commandment that is of such importance it is one of only two the author iterates is the compass of the law.

But then the question becomes who is my neighbor?

The most immediate answer being, how big is your God?
How expansive is your neighborhood?

To love your neighbor as you love yourself isn’t limited by or to what feels good. It’s not subject to what they can do for you or where they’re from. It’s only subject is, how much do you love you? This is how much you’re to love your neighbor.

As Christians we inhabit a huge neighborhood produced by a huge God. A God who chose to share His love unlimited with you and for you. Giving His son, His only begotten, flesh and blood to redeem mankind.

He gave everything to and for you. His friend his creation, man. And his only command is to choose,



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