Today's Inspiration - Hallelujah

Today’s hallelujah is brought to you by
The light.

That big beautiful shinning bulb that hit my eyes first thing this morning.
I awoke
It’s morning time
And I can see it.

I get a chance to live another day
Another opportunity to be better than I was and better than I think to be.

Yesterday, It came and went
Today I can spark the revolution I feel inside,
The revelation I’m better than this
This isn't the end.
This painting ain't complete
I got some seeing to do.
I’ve got some eyes to open
Knock a few heads if I have to
But wait...
You’re not supposed to just knock people in the head
Are you?



Today’s inspiration - 
Is brought to you by
The Lion’s Well

The Lion Is Well
He is.
Bruised battered and scarred
Marred for all eternity
All to save me.

Yes He is -

Still alive
Still on the throne
Steel with all power.

Thank You God
Thank You Jesus

Where would I be if I didn't have you?

I mean,
I’m sure there are some things that could've continued on in my absence

 But me?

All the things I've said
All the things I've done
Anybody else would've disqualified me years ago
But you kept me

Blessed me with another day
A few more moments to say


Thank you God
My life is brought with a price I could never repay.


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