Can We Talk, The Not so Subtle Conversation?

It would be easy to craft beautiful words and inspired drawings if all of desire could be summed in hope. Yet that is only a half, hope that is. The truth is more reflective, more a collective of things which occur and reoccur occasionally bringing with it information.
What would become revelation in fact.

Openness to new thoughts, and ideas… I am here. We are here. What is our purpose?

In a shared space and a shared time with a shared destination, if only toward a seeming departure, here we are now. What is our purpose? And why?

Beyond the masquerade, the strewn together falsehoods... 
Who are you? Who am I? What are you waiting for? 

In fact what am I?
It seems we have been lacking a certain diligence. A slight insolence presents itself from time to time, because we want.
I certainly am not opposed to gain. But want, it’s another breed to itself.
Want has no answer. Want is confused. Want is so easily confound, people often to choose to do so without – afraid in all to choose. Yet it’s time to make a decision.

Will I live my life for inspired words? Or will I allow life to tell another's story of inspiration?
Will I share the perspiration and dedication? Will I give you the resolve that’s needed? I needed. I need to live on.

If you follow his words, they have become my words.
Life is but vanity.

Not in vain, but more like a mirror.
A time for reflection.

A moment left to say I chose you God. I choose you even when I’ve fallen away. I want you. 
To have you is my purpose, my definition. My vision I will not relinquish. I, knowing the confusion I’ve caused, have seen what lies behind me, but now I hear a new song.


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