Living - When it means to Deny Yourself

Today's Inspiration is based on choosing The Not-so Easy Way Out.

Scripture verse: Matthew 16:24,25

(NIV) Then Jesus said to his disciples, “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. 25 for whoever wants to save their life will lose it but whoever loses their life for me will find it.

What we have is a powerful passage on the nature of true sacrifice. After explaining to His disciples the course He would have to undertake for mankind’s redemption, and to be the reconciliation of Israel. We have an admonishment of sort.

Paraphrased, I know you want to be with me in glory. I know you are anxious to see the wonderful things I've taught you of my relationship to the Father. But don’t short circuit the process. Don’t be so zealous you miss the boat.

Meaning, just because I have to die - doesn't mean it’s your opportunity to end it. Or simply don’t kill yourself because I’m dying. Do the things you've seen me do and have been trained to do.

For some, it would be easy to die - because Jesus had to die, and you want to be with Jesus. However in these words, dying to save yourself the “pain” of living is death. But living purposely as called unto to Jesus is to find Life, both here and hereafter.

As a personal thought; suicide seems like the best course to some. Especially when considering a tuff loss or a heavy burden. (honestly I get bullying)
 However finding life is an even greater reward when achieved. Even more so, when it’s considered you might also find your purpose or this earth in the search.
You can gain Life trough this pain. You CAN!

I pray if you dear reader are considering suicide, take a moment and breathe this prayer within.

Heavenly Father
I know my failures
I know my pains
But right now,
 if only for this moment  -I give them to you.

Those who hurt me
Those who I’ve caused hurt
I surrender their cause to you.

Show me life
Teach me to live
Share with me your peace
As I breathe.

Breathe you 
Breathe your breath in me
In Jesus name,


Brother and sister, Don’t Give Up!


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