Prayer and Finding Focus - the Simple Way

The best way to gain focus is to focus on work at work and let God focus on the work. If you ever desire to reach the goal, or understand the complete purpose of what you’re doing, you have to be doing something.

To make this a little more clear.

You know you have problems. I know I have problems. The world has its set of problems galore. But to solve these problems takes a voice that few have heard, and hasn’t especially heard in some time.
The voice of faith, saying - it’s not about me. 
God, Your will be done.

This reminds me of an interesting message from my pastor about generosity or giving: See His Inspirational Words Here
It further reminded me of the widow’s two mites (pennies). (Luke21:1-4)
She gave all she had to God, to the call. To the work even and Jesus recognized her for it. It could even be said he memorialized her for it through all eternity. 

That begs the question -What can you and I do to give our all?

It’s a simple thought really and I’m sure a seed to more fruit bearing questions all of which are answered in prayer.

I must note: This same pastor and his team helped, and continue to minister me through a darkened period of my life with this simple thought. Relative to giving your all to Jesus; Why spend a lifetime worrying about problems you may or may not be able to get a hold on? Give them to God and let’s get on with the work.

Now forgive me if that seems too simple or if it appears insensitive. That is a sort of annotated version of the original thought and it leads to a simple point on helping yourself and giving.

The best way to help you is to help somebody else. The best way to be blessed or bless yourself is to bless somebody else. If you need prayer try praying for somebody else.

Again why spend precious time, a lifetime, worrying about something you CAN’T do - when you know there is something you CAN do.
As it said in the beginning, the best way to gain focus – to gain vision – to get clarity; is to focus on work. Give yourself to the work at hand, the work you can do. Do what you know you’re capable of and let God do what He does- focus the work to His glory.


Generosity is more than about the amount. It’s not about giving to gain. And yet, you have to give in order to gain.
It’s about the motivation. You’re not giving because I expect something or want something in return; that would be like you’re paying for it. But giving because of what was given to me; I’m giving my all because He gave his all – and it just so happens as you give he gives more. He takes everything you give and gives it all back with over and abundance.


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