Love That Comes Easy

Based on Genesis 2:23-25

23 And the man said, “·Now, this is someone whose bones came from my bones,
    whose body came from my body [L At last, this is bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh].
·I will call her [L She will be called] ‘woman [C Hebrew ‘ishshah],’
    because she was taken out of man [C Hebrew ‘ish].”

Today, no matter the connection, know and/or take a moment to remember those who gave of themselves so you can be here - where you are.

While we celebrate fathers and [single mothers] and so many reflect on the experiences they've had growing up, let's not forget those who've actually given a piece of themselves to see you live. From the passage Adam may have received a wife, a helpmate or partner.  But so much more was provided in that moment. The fulfillment of everything man could be was brought about because a father (God) gave of himself. A man (Adam) gave of himself that everything that was envisioned could come into fruition. You, even through the trials and turmoil, could have an opportunity to reveal the gifts and mercies and talents God has placed in you.

This Father's Day there's a reminder, dad's may or may not say it. Just know your father loves you.
Natural father, spiritual father; big brother, uncles or cousins - your Father in heaven loves you. If there is one person you can always count on to give a piece of himself for you to see all that God has created for the world to experience. remember that good guy in your life and be sure to tell him Thanks and I Love You.


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