The Comeback

 In need of a good story I begin to examine myself. Looking around at the outer circumstance and situations, I begin to feel. It's important to feel though feelings can be deceptive. I begin to feel, I felt all manner of things, but being actively deceived - I was entering a deception for which there was no return except from God.

God enlivens the spirit.

I begin to examine the things I was going through. I begin to examine the way I looked at them (the situations). I begin the examine my feelings about and toward them and people. I begin to re-examine me. I begin the long trip inward and outward. Though the outward man perish and should actively be killed. Here he was/ is living and thriving. Not really pursuing opportunity to do evil but but when opportunity knocks, he answered. I...

God fulfills all in all.

The spirit was alive, albeit fading. Alive but craving substance - nourishment; substance - energy; substance. Weight! Fulfillment! The inner man wasn't seeking delight or joy at that point - this point; he was seeking life. The life light we had. It was during my examination that I discovered what was missing.

The new body!

I don't mean the new body as in heavenly body Christ promises. Or new spiritual body outer worldly experience. I mean the New Body as in Body of Christ. 

Old things having passed away. You are a new creature. Though the outward man perish - the inner man is (or supposed to be) renewed Day by Day. I was missing the new body - the body of Christ; the church. The gathering, coming together. The elevation and renewal of being with like-minded like-spirited like associated; thoughts and well wishes.

God draws all men but all men don't come.

I had received the joy but wasn't keeping it going. Faith is active. To be in faith is to be active. I wasn't restoring my soul (allowing him to restore my soul with the word). I was living of what I had known. I was living but not growing. Living but not connected. Living (sort of) dying actually, spiritually because I wasn't connected. I wasn't connected to the body , wasn't connected to the source. Where two or three are gathered in my name... I was one in need of a two or three. In need of a group

The new body!

The new body is spiritual, okay. The new body is life - living. The new body is answering the call of God to duty and connected - receiving from God power to do all these exploits and wonderful things. The new body is designed to move and moving. Therefore if you're feeling stagnant it means you're not moving. You're not receiving. You're not connected.

That is the devotion - the inspiration for today.

Get and Stay Connected

Your inward being needs it. You need it! Your faith needs it. YOU NEED IT! Your renewal day by day - your new man Living so the old man can die needs it. YOU NEED IT!

I Need It!

Be blessed and stay hungry for His word for He will fill you.


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