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Get up Higher with the Word This being one of several properties I support online, has suffered a bit because I don't write as often as I used to. I don't... I haven't been as elevated as in the past. I mean I haven't felt uplifted. I haven't felt enlivened, connected. The Lion's Well is for wellbeing of the lion and the lion has been starving. As you may have read in a previous post  The Comeback  Spiritually I haven't been as there as I used to because something was missing. A connection to the word. Be fruitful and multiply.  That was God's statement to me and for me and every other man. That was/ is God's statement. Be Fruitful. And Multiply. I was multiplying but not gaining. Multiplying but not being enlivened. Multiplying but it felt like long division because I wasn't seeing. All I was seeing was noise. Looking to the hills I saw many men but not the Hope of Men. I saw the gold of the land the cattle on a thousand hills, but I didn't

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