Feeding From the Brook of His Word

There is a time when we’re challenged to find our way. In the middle of things we find too complicated to imagine they’re of any benefit, we will try to separate ourselves. Hiding away to prevent some cruel perception from becoming our reality. Forgetting if only for a moment the deliverances of the past, some might even find it cool to say - I will stop here for tomorrow I die.

Strange, yet many times and trials you’ve cried over.
But this is the one to break you; this is the one screaming, commanding a most urgent dispatch from heaven. The response being,
not – look how many times I carried you; but hey - I’ve still got your back.

It's here you hear the voice, the words which strengthen you to go on. Knowing that voice, the voice in you (today) and near you singing with you one song.

don't be afraid...
I've Got Your Back!

Study 1 Kings 19:1-18


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