I Rose All Odds Against Me...

Today there is an unusually inspired interpretation of rap music. It may not seem especially spiritual (read that religious). Nevertheless I present to you a song that is as stirring with energy and inspiration as it is informative to issues we faceto today.

M.C. Hammer - Pump it Up (Here’s the news) available here: with its opening shot,
I rose all odds against me…

Have you ever felt there are things against you?

We’re told, in life to expect adversity; we’re instructed we will have troubles (John 16:33) but why worry He - Jesus, has withstood, overcome, conquered the tests of the world.
We're further told and given instruction through Paul in this word. “I can do all thing through Christ who Strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)
These two verses, and remembering this particular song, this morning serve as a reminder things may, they will, come against you but your response doesn’t have to be defeat. You don't have to answer adversity with doubt, guilt, or insecurity. You can answer it with your faith. Jesus withstood, and I can do ALL Things thru Christ who strengthens me.
In fact M.C. Hammer’s entire first album Let’s Get it Started available here @ amazon is a reminder that you/ we can choose to build. We can choose to continue on through the struggle of our adversity and overcome. Or we can choose to lay down our profession (what we’re called to) and quit living - depending on the faith in you. And your belief in this truth; 
God Is

In Control.

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