A Prayer of Manifest Destiny

This is my cry to you,
My Father, My delivery. My Redemption.
The voice of my victory.
The angel of my influence - Mighty God who is who was and who shall be 
Glory majesty dominion and power ; creator of heaven and earth and all the hosts of heaven say amen.
The light of my joy and my strength, I come to you.

Before you I lay, I cry, I pray hear my heart’s song.
Above the words - hear my contemplation. My inner thoughts, my flesh, my soul cry to you My God.

I know what I’m supposed to do. I know what I’ve been taught to do. I know what I want to do. But right now I come to you…

Open my eyes I pray open my life to you as you reveal in your word  Your promise to keep me in perfect peace as my mind is stayed on you.

Father I deny my anxious thoughts leaning and looking to you my author my refiner
I refuse to any longer believe my trial, my test, is anything more than your hand conditioning me to be the jewel of your image.
God as you conform me to your word. To the image of your son; I cry out to you -
Let my light magnify you to the people and before these I influence. Lord according to your word let me be conformed to His image as you have destined and ordained. I trust you and the word of your promise that he who endures trial enduring temptation shall receive the promise of a crown of life. Father that your glory may shine through me. Lord I come to you awaiting you to lead me to the rock where I’m to be.

Believing by faith and trusting upon you, I come with thanksgiving in heart and hallelujah as my song I come in your son Jesus name. I call

Thoughts inspired by the T.D. Jakes song Manifest video available for view


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